Hello to the folks in the north! Travel nursing is tough sometimes.

Hello all, We’re enjoying sunny Arizona and feeling sorry for those in the arctic north and east.

Hello to all of my friends in Chicago and . .two places I’m glad not to be in winter.  The Banner hospital system was amazing to work for.

I have been on the telemetry unit also that I haven’t needed to float all except within the unit.

I am in Tucson, Arizona and on to some new travel company….Healthcare Staffing. The hospital is launching a brand new tele unit therefore it should be interesting. I did get my 12 hr times though!

As for my current travel company Nurse Staffing 411 I have even less good to say about my existing experience than previously.

Our apartment complex Informed us that we’re scheduled to move out 12/27. My contract ends 1/2. Nurse Staffing 411 sent them a notice to Vacate for us for the 27th. . .now they don’t understand what to do. Photo of my awesome housing in arizona assignment

We provided to depart early to make it easy on them, obviously they’ll be compensating us.

But it was still another mistake on their character, never to mention all of the erroneous checks I’ve had in the past weeks.

All in all the Hospital is great but the company RN Network has not been. I will let You know how the next one works out.
Hopefully I’ll be setting up some images on my blog fairly soon. Hope You all have a happy and fun holiday season!!

I let you know how next week goes!

Wish me luck!

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